4 Seater Compact Dining Table Set DT14


The DT14 4-Seater Compact Dining Table Set: Cozy Dining Meets Sleek Design 🍽️

Hey, folks! Looking for that perfect dining set that’s both stylish and space-saving? Well, your quest ends here! Meet the DT14 4-Seater Compact Dining Table Set, exclusively available at Lakshmis Home Style, your go-to furniture haven in Coimbatore. 🌟

Built to Last: Quality Materials 🛠️

When it comes to longevity, this dining set doesn’t mess around. The table is a beautiful blend of solid Beech wood and glass. As for the chairs, they’re made from a combo of Beech wood, plywood, and super-comfy 32 Density U-FOAM. So, yeah, it’s solid as a rock but comfy as a cloud. ☁️

Finishes that Make a Statement 🎨

You want options? You got ’em! Whether you’re a fan of a warm Teak Stain, a chic Ebony, or a classic Walnut finish, we’ve got you covered. Each finish adds its own unique charm to your dining area.

Functional Features 👌

We’re talking about a 4-seater table with a sleek glass top that’s super easy to clean. Add to that four chairs with stylish wooden backrests designed for comfort and support. It’s basically a match made in furniture heaven.

Easy-Peasy Delivery & Setup 📦

Don’t sweat the assembly. The table comes in a knockdown condition, making it easier to move and set up. And those four chairs? Pre-assembled, baby! Just take ’em out of the box and you’re ready to dine in style.

What’s in the Box 📦

  • 1 Compact Dining Table
  • 4 Cozy Chairs

Quick Stats 📊

  • Weight: 72 KG

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your dining experience with the DT14 4-Seater Compact Dining Table Set, brought to you by Lakshmis Home Style, Coimbatore’s favorite furniture seller. 🛒🏡