6331 Dining Set 1+4 With Expandable Table


The Perfect Dining Experience: 6331 Dining Set 1+4

Sleek Dimensions Fit for Any Space Our 6331 Dining Set is more than just a place to eat. Before its extension, the table sits comfortably at a length of 44 inches, a breadth of 30 inches, and a height of 30 inches. These dimensions ensure it’s compact enough for smaller spaces but still spacious enough for a hearty meal.

Expand Your Dining Possibilities Got some extra guests dropping by or planning a big dinner night? No worries! With its easy-to-use expandable feature, the table smoothly extends to a generous length of 56 inches, giving everyone ample space.

Comfortably Crafted Chairs Moving over to our chairs, they measure 16 inches in length and breadth and stand tall at 33 inches. What’s more? With a seat height of 18 inches, they’re designed to ensure that every meal is a comfortable affair.

Timeless Materials The ceramic top brings an elegant touch to the entire set, ensuring not just style but durability. Combined with sturdy steel legs, this table promises longevity and a touch of modern flair to your dining space.

Sophisticated Seating Speaking of flair, the leatherette upholstery on the chairs screams sophistication without trying too hard. It’s easy to clean, looks posh, and feels absolutely luxurious to the touch. And those metal legs? They’re the cherry on top, providing stability and style all in one.

A Smooth Finish One of the underrated heroes of this dining set is its curved edges. Not only do they add a touch of modern design, but they also ensure safety, especially if you have little ones running around.

So, if you’re looking for a dining set that effortlessly blends functionality with style, the 6331 Dining Set 1+4 is your match. Cheers to countless meals, conversations, and memories waiting to be made!