Antiq Model TV Unit


Unparalleled Craftsmanship

The Antiq TV Unit embodies a delicate balance between innovation and tradition, reflecting unparalleled craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail. This unique television unit is made from premium engineered wood that ensures durability and longevity, presenting a lasting addition to your living space.

Elegant and Stylish Design

This 5 feet wide TV unit is a genuine masterpiece that harmoniously combines traditional and contemporary design elements. The model name ‘Antiq’ speaks volumes of its design, where vintage aesthetics meet modern functionality. Its elegant curves and neat lines, along with a touch of classic finishing, provide a sophisticated appeal, elevating the style quotient of any room.

Engineered Wood Excellence

Constructed from high-quality engineered wood, this TV unit is designed to withstand daily use while maintaining its appearance. Engineered wood offers exceptional durability, resistance to warping and is sustainable. The warm, rich color of the wood grain enhances the natural aesthetics and provides a timeless appeal.

Spacious and Functional

Our Antiq TV unit is not just a TV stand but also an efficient storage solution. It features expansive shelving and cabinet space perfect for storing all your media equipment, gaming consoles, books, or decorative items. Its wide design ensures your large screen television fits seamlessly and securely, while the additional space can be used for speakers, photo frames, or potted plants.

Easy to Maintain

Engineered wood is not just resilient but also extremely easy to maintain. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep the Antiq looking new. Moreover, the smooth surface prevents dust accumulation, saving you from a frequent cleaning regime.


With the Antiq engineered wood television unit, you get more than just a piece of furniture. You invest in a product that blends aesthetics, functionality, and exceptional quality, ensuring it becomes a focal point in your living room. Embrace the unique blend of old and new, with the Antiq TV unit, and bring a piece of timeless elegance to your home.