Bar Stool BS 1060


The BAR STOOL – BS 1060, with its chrome plated frame and Rexin seat-cushion, seamlessly combines form and function in a way that will effortlessly complement your bar space, restaurant, fast food joints etc.,. Its sleek design and quality construction makes it a durable, long-lasting addition to any home or commercial setting. Available in bold Black and vibrant Red, this stool delivers both comfort and a modern aesthetic appeal.

Unique Design

The BS 1060 Bar Stool stands out for its contemporary design. The gleaming chrome plated frame presents an enticing contrast with the Rexin cushioned seat. The minimalist, yet sophisticated, aesthetic makes it a perfect fit for any setting, from a high-end cocktail bar to a cozy home bar.

Premium Quality Material

Crafted with a sturdy chrome plated frame, the BS 1060 Bar Stool promises a high level of durability and stability. The quality of the material ensures the stool can withstand frequent usage without compromising its functionality or style.

Comfortable Seating

The seat of the BS 1060 Bar Stool is cushioned with Rexin, a type of faux leather known for its comfort and durability. The padding delivers optimal comfort, making your time at the bar a pleasurable experience, while the Rexin covering is easy to clean, ensuring your stool always looks its best.

Color Options

Choose from two striking color options – bold Black or vibrant Red. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of Black, or the vibrant energy of Red, the BS 1060 Bar Stool’s color palette is designed to cater to different tastes and styles.

Final Thoughts

The BAR STOOL – BS 1060 is more than just a place to sit. It’s a testament to superior design, unparalleled comfort, and the joy of choice. Let it enhance your bar area with its distinctive design and quality construction. Make a statement with the BAR STOOL – BS 1060.