Bar Stool BS-1087


Bar Stool BS-1087: The Cool Seat for Your Place

Got Hydraulics and a Footrest

This stool is a real game-changer. It’s got hydraulics, so you can move it up or down to just the right height. There’s a footrest too, so you can kick back and relax while you’re sitting.

Solid and Heavy Base

No wobbling here. This stool has a heavy base, so it stays put. You can count on it to be sturdy whether you’re just chilling at home or at a busy bar.

Comfy Seat Cushion (Rexin)

Feel like a VIP with this soft Rexin seat cushion. It’s easy to clean, looks great, and is super comfy. You might even forget you’re sitting on a stool!

Choose Your Favorite Color: Black, White, Red

Whether you like classic black, clean white, or bold red, we’ve got you covered. Pick the color that fits your vibe and your place.


Bar Stool BS-1087 is the seat for anyone who wants something cool without all the fuss. It’s got features that make it comfy and convenient, and it’s strong enough to last. With some cool colors to choose from, you can make it your own.

Want a stool that’s more than just a place to sit? Get Bar Stool BS-1087 and chill in style!