Catalina Beechwood Bed Side Table ET16


Catalina Chill Spot: ET16 Bed Side Table

Solid Materials, Solid Choice: Alright, let’s talk wood. This Catalina Beechwood beauty is crafted with some of the finest stuff out there. We’re talking Solid Beech Wood combined with Commercial Plywood. Oh, and that veneer on both sides? Chef’s kiss.

Three Tones, One Table: We didn’t just settle for one finish – we went for three! Teak Stain, walnut, and Ebony. That’s like the trio of legendary rock bands but for your bedroom aesthetics. Get ready for some major style points.

Compact and Cool: The size is just right: 400 x 480 x 460 ht MM. It’s like the Goldilocks of bedside tables, not too big and not too small. And at 15.15 KG? It’s sturdy but won’t give you a hernia if you decide to shift it.

Practical & Pretty: A single drawer to hide all those random things you don’t want the world to see – or maybe just your midnight snack stash. We don’t judge.

Delivery Deets: The best part? This cool cat comes fully assembled. Unbox, place, and you’re all set to jazz up that bedroom ambiance.