Cherry Workstation Chair


Unveiling the Cherry Workstation Chair: Where Comfort Meets Functionality

Hey there, folks! If you’re hunting for the chair that has it all—the looks, the comfort, and all the features you need for a productive day—then let’s talk about the Cherry Workstation Chair. This bad boy checks all the boxes, and here’s why.

Tailored Backrest for Your Back’s Best Friend

Let’s start with the backrest. Made from PP (that’s Polypropylene for those who love the sciencey stuff), it’s ergonomic, which means it’s designed to suit the natural curve of your spine. Yeah, say goodbye to backaches! Plus, the mesh fabric gives you a breathable experience so you won’t end up all sweaty.

Armrests That Don’t Mess Around

The armrests are also made of PP, and they’re self-fixed. What does that mean for you? Solid support, my friend. Your arms won’t get tired even during those long hours of work, or, you know, scrolling through social media.

The Seat of Dreams

Ah, the seat—the throne that holds the empire! It’s made of PU mould and plywood, hot compressed and upholstered with fabric. In simple words, it’s plush, it’s firm, and it’s gonna give your behind the VIP treatment it deserves.

Tilt, Lock, and Roll

The Cherry Workstation Chair comes with a mechanism made of MS center tilting, and it’s got a single locking feature along with tension adjustment. Find your comfort angle, lock it in, and you’re all set. Adjust the tension to your liking, and voila—custom comfort!

Rise and Shine with Pneumatic Cylinder

The Class 4, 120 mm pneumatic cylinder ensures that height adjustments are smooth as butter. Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, finding the perfect height is a breeze.

A Base That Won’t Let You Down

The PP 330 mm base is not just sturdy, but it also complements the overall aesthetics of the chair. Stability and style? It’s a win-win!

Rollin’ with the Castor

The chair comes with 50mm twin-wheel nylon castors that let you move around effortlessly. Skrrt, skrrt! Glide from your desk to the printer and back without a hitch.

Unboxing Joy: Single Kit or Multi-Kit

Whether you’re ordering one chair or several, we’ve got you covered. Our standard packing options include single kits or multi-kits. The chair itself is pretty light with a gross/net weight of 13.1/11.2KG, so setting it up is gonna be a breeze.

So there you have it, the Cherry Workstation Chair. It’s got everything you need to make your work (or play) time as comfortable as possible. Grab yours today and level up your workspace game!