Dresser With One Drawer and Open Storage Shelves – HPDR 1003


Dimensions. H 1800 x W 600 x D 400 mm.

Say Hello to “Less is More”: The HPDR 1003 Dresser

Yo, what’s good? Let’s chat about the HPDR 1003 Dresser—a stunner that proves simplicity can be oh-so-stylish. This piece is the epitome of less is more, delivering both form and function in one neat package. Curious? Let’s dive in.

A Palette to Dig

So, we’ve got some killer color options for you—Elam Wood, Bemberg, and River Oak. Whatever the vibe of your bedroom, this dresser’s gonna fit right in.

Smooth Operator: Melamine Finish

That melamine finish isn’t just for show. It adds a sleek touch and helps protect the wood, so your dresser will be looking fresh for years. It’s the epitome of style meeting substance.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts: Engineered Wood

Don’t let the word “engineered” throw you off. This is quality stuff, designed for durability and resilience. The wood’s got your back—or should I say, your clothes and cosmetics?

The One Drawer Wonder

Don’t underestimate the power of one drawer. This isn’t any drawer; it’s your “hold-everything-important” drawer. From makeup to that secret chocolate stash, it’s got room for it all.

Open Sesame: Storage Shelves

Forget closed cabinets; let’s talk open storage shelves. A perfect spot for your books, plants, or even a speaker for those bathroom tunes. Open, accessible, and super versatile.

Size Does Matter

Okay, let’s talk dimensions. We’re looking at H 1800 x W 600 x D 400 mm. A bit leaner than some, but that just means it’ll fit comfortably even in snug spaces.

Sweet, Sweet Warranty

How does a 2-year warranty* sound? Pretty sweet, right? That’s two years of you not worrying about anything except maybe what new things to put in your dresser.

Do You DIY?

Whether you’re all about that DIY life or prefer to let a carpenter take the reins, you’ve got options: Carpenter Assembly or Fixed Assembly. Totally your call.

Born in India, Raised in Your Room

Yep, this beauty is made right here in India. Homegrown craftsmanship, baby!

Bedroom Exclusive

The HPDR 1003 is crafted specifically for the bedroom. So, whether you place it next to your bed or across the room, it’s gonna make your personal space feel even more, well, personal.

Alright, you made it through! Now, the real question—ready to level up your bedroom with the HPDR 1003 Dresser? You won’t be disappointed, promise!