Emerald Finely Finished Burma Teak Cot


The Emerald Burma Teak Cot
Discover the epitome of luxury and comfort with the Emerald Burma Teak Cot. Designed with the finest craftsmanship and materials, this masterpiece is the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom. Experience the rich warmth of Burmese teak and the enduring quality that only comes from expert carpentry.
Elegant Design and Sturdy Construction
The Emerald Burma Teak Cot boasts an exquisite design with intricate detailing and a timeless aesthetic that complements any bedroom décor. The sturdy construction ensures lasting durability, while the Burma Teak’s natural beauty and resilience make it the ideal choice for a long-lasting, elegant cot.
What type of mattress is suitable for the cot?
The Emerald Burma Teak Cot is designed to accommodate most standard-sized mattresses. For the best fit and ultimate comfort, we recommend choosing a high-quality mattress that complements the cot’s luxurious design.

Available at Lakshmi’s Home Style, Coimbatore
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