Famous Chettinad Premium Burma Teak Wood Cot


Traditional Craftsmanship, Modern Comfort

At Lakshmis Home Style, we are proud to introduce our Chettinad Premium Burma Teak Wood Cot, an exceptional blend of traditional Chettinad craftsmanship and modern luxury. Each cot is meticulously carved by skilled artisans, dedicated to preserving the intricate detailing synonymous with Chettinad furniture.

The Premium Burma Teak Advantage

Sourced from the finest quality Burma teak, the cot boasts an exquisite grain pattern, adding to its allure. This choice of wood not only enhances the cot’s visual appeal but also assures its durability. Burma teak is renowned for its sturdiness and resistance to warping, ensuring that your cot retains its shape and beauty for generations.

Chettinad Design Principles

Our cot mirrors the traditional aesthetics of the Chettinad region, known for its robust and artistic wooden furniture. Detailed carvings, bold lines, and the rich, natural teak color imbue your bedroom with an ambiance of timeless elegance. The unique design, highlighting the distinct characteristics of Chettinad artistry, is sure to become a conversation starter.

Exceptional Comfort and Spaciousness

The Chettinad cot is designed with an emphasis on comfort. It can comfortably accommodate various mattress sizes, ensuring a restful sleep. Its robust Burma teak frame supports you securely, enhancing your comfort every night.

Available at Lakshmis Home Style, Coimbatore

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and luxury at Lakshmis Home Style in Coimbatore. Come, witness the opulence of our Chettinad Premium Burma Teak Wood Cot and give your bedroom the touch of timeless elegance it deserves.

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, the Burma teak wood used in our cot is responsibly sourced. We support sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that our craftsmanship doesn’t come at the cost of nature’s well-being.

Cherish the richness of Chettinad artistry with our premium Burma teak cot and enjoy a delightful blend of tradition, luxury, and sustainability.