M-117 Marble Top Center Table


Introducing the M-117 Marble Top Center Table: A Fusion of Elegance and Strength

Marble Mastery:
Isn’t it a joy to have a piece of nature’s beauty right in the heart of your living space? Our M-117 Center Table showcases a pristine marble top, reflecting the sheer beauty and finesse of Earth’s treasures. With its natural veins and patterns, every piece is unique, ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Perfect Dimensions for Any Space:
Two is always better than one! The M-117 isn’t just a singular piece, but a dynamic duo. With a smaller table boasting a diameter of 23 inches and its bigger counterpart stretching out to 31 inches, you have the flexibility to nest, separate, or arrange them in any fashion that fits your style and space. Perfect for those impromptu gatherings or simply an evening with a cup of coffee and your favorite book.

Metal Marvel Base:
At the heart of this table lies its robust and sleek metal base. Not only does it provide a solid foundation, but it also brings a modern edge to the table’s overall design. The contrast between the cool, shiny metal and the rich, warm marble is nothing short of captivating. Plus, with its durability, you’re looking at years of style and stability.

Versatile and Chic:
Whether you’re revamping a modern condo, setting up a cozy corner in a rustic cottage, or adding a touch of luxury to a traditional family room, the M-117 Marble Top Center Table is a fit. Its design bridges various styles, making it a fantastic choice for diverse interiors.

Final Thoughts:
In a world full of fleeting trends, some things remain timeless. Marble, with its rich history and undeniable elegance, is one such thing. When paired with a solid metal base and presented in dual sizes for adaptability, it’s more than just a table. It’s a statement.