Marble Top Dining Set FDT 30723


Introducing the Marvel: Marble Top Dining Set FDT 30723

When Elegance Meets Durability

Hey there! Are you in the mood to feast your eyes on something absolutely stunning? Allow us to present the Marble Top Dining Set FDT 30723. This is not just any dining set; it’s the missing piece to your dining room puzzle. Crafted with a sleek ceramic top that mimics the luxury of marble, this dining set combines the best of aesthetics and longevity.

Size Does Matter

First, let’s talk dimensions. The table comes in at 51 inches in length, 32 inches in breadth, and 29 inches in height. It’s spacious enough to host your fabulous feasts but won’t hog your entire dining room. As for the chairs, they measure 16 inches in length, 17 inches in breadth, and 36 inches in height with an 18-inch seat height. The chairs are designed to offer optimum comfort without compromising on style.

All About the Materials

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. The table’s ceramic top doesn’t just look good; it’s built to last, too. The chairs follow suit with upholstery in fine suede that feels as good as it looks. Plus, the wooden-like metal legs offer an added layer of durability and stability. That’s right, this dining set is as robust as it is stylish.

Curves Ahead

Notice the curved edges on the table and chairs? That’s not just a design choice; it’s a thoughtful touch aimed at making your dining experience safer and more enjoyable. Especially handy if you have kids or pets who might bump into things.

A Complete Set, No Add-Ons Needed

Why go through the hassle of matching tables and chairs when you can get a set that’s already perfect together? Our Marble Top Dining Set FDT 30723 comes with one table and four chairs. Yep, that’s a ready-to-go set, perfect for family dinners, weekend brunches, or just about any meal you’d like to make special.

Wrap It Up

So there you have it—the Marble Top Dining Set FDT 30723 is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an experience. A perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability, this dining set is ready to transform your meal times from mundane to magnificent. Don’t just dream about the perfect dining setting, make it a reality.

Alright, that’s enough from us. Your next move? Come take a closer look and see for yourself at Lakshmis Home Style, The Premier Furniture showroom near Brookefileds Mall, Coimbatore. Bon appétit!