Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 31005 / 230355


Hey, you! Looking to spruce up your dining space? Well, you’re in luck because the Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 31005 / 230355 is here to give your dining room the makeover it deserves. This isn’t just a dining set; it’s a statement piece that marries both functionality and aesthetics.

An Unbeatable Ceramic Top

Let’s kick things off with the table’s ceramic marble top, measuring a generous 54 inches in length and 31 inches in breadth. It’s got ample room for a lavish dinner party or even just a casual brunch. The ceramic finish is both sophisticated and practical, offering an easy-to-clean surface that’s resilient against stains and spills.

Soften the Edges, Elevate the Look

Ever notice how the little details can make a big difference? The table comes with gracefully curved edges, adding a hint of softness to its overall contemporary look. It’s these small touches that elevate this table from good to great.

The Chairs: Where Comfort Meets Style

The set includes four chairs, each meticulously crafted to offer both style and comfort. Measuring 17 inches in length, 16 inches in breadth, and 35 inches in height with an 18-inch seat height, these chairs are built for comfort. But wait, we can’t forget about the suede upholstery. Oh yes, the suede takes these chairs to a whole new level, making sure you dine like royalty, every single time.

Standing on Sturdy Ground

Don’t overlook those metal legs. Not only do they add a dash of modern flair to the whole ensemble, but they’re also incredibly sturdy. You can count on a stable and durable dining experience, and let’s be honest, nobody wants their dinner interrupted by a shaky table or chair.


So, to sum it up, the Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 31005 / 230355 has it all: a spacious ceramic marble top, sublime curved edges, luxe suede-upholstered chairs, and rock-solid metal legs. This set is more than just furniture; it’s an experience waiting to happen. Your dining room won’t know what hit it, but it’ll surely be grateful.