Modern 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT12


Modern 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT12: Where Function Meets Style

Hey there, homebodies and decor enthusiasts! Are you looking for that perfect dining set to finally complete your home’s eating area? Whether you’re all about those family dinners or more into throwing casual dinner parties, our Modern 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT12 has got you covered.

Why You’ll Love This Dining Set

This is not just any dining set. We’re talking Solid Beech Wood for the table and chairs, okay? The table even has a sleek glass top that’s gonna make any dish look like it belongs in a five-star restaurant. Plus, the chairs come with 32 Density U-FOAM cushioning so your tush will thank you every time you sit down for a meal.

Pick Your Finish: The Choice is Yours

Get ready to match this set with any home aesthetic you’ve got going on! It’s available in three striking finishes—Ebony, Teak, and Walnut. So whether you’re a fan of dark and moody vibes, or more into warm and earthy tones, we’ve got you sorted.

No Sweat Assembly

Nobody wants to spend hours putting together furniture, right? Good news: the table comes in a knockdown condition, meaning it’s super easy to assemble. And get this—the chairs are pre-assembled! Yep, just unbox and you’re ready to host.

Dimensions That Fit Just Right

  • Table: 1830 x 1070 x 780 ht MM
  • Chair: 428 x 508 x 914 ht MM

This set is designed to be the perfect fit for most spaces. Not too big, not too small, just right for your dining area.

So, ready to make the Modern 6 Seater Beechwood Dining Table Set DT12 the heart of your home? Trust us, this dining set is where all your future mealtime stories will unfold. Cheers to great food and even better company!