Six Seater Dining Set DT27-With-DC06


Elevate Your Dining Experience with DT27-With-DC06 Six Seater Dining Set 🍽️

Feast Your Eyes Before You Feast Your Stomach

Look, I get it. The dining room is more than just a place to wolf down some dinner. It’s where you share laughs, make memories, and yeah, enjoy some seriously good food. And what sets the stage? The right dining set, my friend. Enter the DT27-With-DC06 Six Seater Dining Set. With its sleek design and top-notch materials, it’s like the VIP ticket to your daily meals and social gatherings.

The Deets on Materials

Let’s talk turkey—or, in this case, wood and foam. The table? Crafted from solid beech wood, commercial plywood, and a kickin’ veneer finish. This thing screams “Built to last.” It even flaunts a glass top for that extra oomph.

Don’t get me started on the chairs. These bad boys come with solid beech wood frames and commercial plywood, but what steals the show is that 32 Density U-FOAM cushioning. Comfortable? Imagine sinking into a cloud…that also has great back support.

Finishes to Die For

You’ve got choices, pal. We’re talking Teak Stain, Walnut, and Ebony finishes. Choose your fighter—or, you know, the one that goes with your curtains.

Sizes That Make Sense

With table dimensions of 1520 x 910 x 740 ht MM and chair sizes at 440 x 540 x 985 ht MM, we’ve done the math so you don’t have to. Plenty of room to serve up a feast or spread out your work-from-home setup when you’re off kitchen duty.

Quantity and Weight: The Nitty-Gritty

So what’s in the box? You get one dining table and six chairs. We’re not messing around here. The whole shebang weighs in at 60 KG, but considering how much joy and utility you’ll get out of it, that’s a weight we’re willing to bear.

So, if you’re all about making your dining space the place to be, visit Lakshmis Home Style and let the DT27-With-DC06 Six Seater Dining Set take your meals and gatherings to the next level. Cheers! 🥂