Springfit Brand ProActiv Back Mattress


Springfit: A Commitment to Health and Quality Sleep
Experience the pinnacle of comfort and health-focused sleep with Springfit’s ProActiv Back Mattress. Using groundbreaking multi-stage technologies and advanced systems, this mattress is meticulously designed to ensure a clean, safe, and ultra-comfortable sleep environment, promoting not only quality rest but overall wellness.

Superior Comfort with Optimum Thickness

Boasting 12.7 cm/5 inch and 15.24 cm/6 inch thickness options, this mattress provides versatile comfort for every sleeper’s needs. But the ProActiv Back Mattress’s remarkable features go beyond mere comfort. It also actively works to maintain your health and wellness by controlling the growth of unwanted microbes, ensuring you enjoy a 99.9% germ-free sleep environment.

Health and Wellness with ProActive Back Support

Thanks to Springfit’s unique Certiguard Technology, this mattress also has antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of microbes and reduce the potential for stains and unpleasant odours. And what’s more? This protection isn’t temporary – it’s permanently integrated into the fibres and foam, promising unwavering protection throughout the mattress’s lifetime.

Unwavering Antimicrobial Protection with Certiguard Technology

This innovative mattress is not just a resting place but a sanctuary of cleanliness. Its silver-based antimicrobial properties provide long-lasting protection while resisting high temperatures and low colour formation, ensuring its aesthetic and functional durability.

Permanent Microbe Control Integrated into Fibres and Foam

At Springfit, we understand the importance of sustainable practices. That’s why the ProActiv Back Mattress is 100% environmentally friendly. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and odour-free, promising a healthy and refreshing sleeping experience every night.