Springfit Brand ProActiv Flow Mattress


The Springfit Brand ProActiv Flow Mattress – a perfect embodiment of luxurious comfort, advanced technology, and an unwavering commitment to quality sleep.

This mattress is available in three thickness options: 15.24 cm (6 in), 20.32 cm (8 in), and 25.4 cm (10 in), making it suitable for all your needs, whether you prefer a plush sleeping surface or a firmer one.

Our ProActiv Flow Mattress is upholstered with Verti Cool FR Fabric – the next generation performance fabric that’s more breathable than ever. Combining science, technology, and nature, this fabric offers superior ventilation, natural fire resistance properties, and helps in regenerating your body while you sleep.

Inside, the mattress is filled with our exclusive Aero Sleep Memory Foam. This NASA-approved material distributes body weight evenly, improving blood circulation and providing unparalleled comfort. It has low bounce back properties and high-density foam that significantly reduces tossing and turning. It’s a promise of comfort sleep you can’t refuse.

The Springfit High Resilient (HR) Comfort Foam, designed with Aero Sleep technology, promotes airflow and provides the right amount of comfort to your body. It has a softer feel, so your body can relax better.

We also introduce the Dura Dense Foam, a specially crafted material that prevents bedsores by allowing efficient air circulation. It maintains a comfortable temperature, reduces night sweats, and provides sustained support without flattening over time.

Our mattress also includes a layer of Turkish Thermobond Felt, produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together. This layer gives the mattress a reinforced and firmer support.

The Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocket Springs technology is an orthopedic boon. Each individual spring works to support your entire body, effectively preventing too much pressure on your hips and shoulders. This layer is fitted with a luxurious foam layer that adds softness and comfort to your night’s sleep.

The High Resilient Support Foam is a highly dense layer that acts as a transitional layer between the soft top layers and the firm base of the mattress, ensuring balanced support and comfort. Like our other foams, it’s made with Aero Sleep technology for improved breathability and airflow.

Lastly, our ProActiv Flow mattress features Organic Anti Skid Fabric that minimizes mattress movement. This breathable fabric also reduces moisture build-up inside the mattress, enhancing its lifespan and keeping your sleep environment fresh.

Find the Springfit Brand ProActiv Flow Mattress at Lakshmi’s Home Style, 63, Brookebond Road, Near Brookefields Mall, Coimbatore. Come and experience the epitome of serene and restorative sleep, today!


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