Springfit Reactive Ortho Mattress


Introducing Springfit Reactive Ortho Mattress: The Ultimate Sleep Solution

Supreme Fabric Enveloping

Caressing you in the embrace of luxuriously soft-textured fabric, the Springfit Reactive Ortho Mattress exudes opulence. The meticulously selected fabric not only gratifies your senses but is also engineered for ample air permeation. Revel in the dual benefits of phenomenal comfort and a fresh, moisture-free sleeping experience that stands the test of time.

Aerospace-Inspired Memory Foam

Our Aero Sleep Memory Foam is not just ordinary memory foam; it’s endorsed by NASA. This marvel of engineering disperses your body weight uniformly, leading to the enhancement of blood circulation and an unrivaled sleeping experience. Immerse yourself in the plushness of the high-density foam with minimal bounce-back, relieving pressure points, and significantly diminishing the night-time waltz of tossing and turning. Your tranquil slumber is our promise.

Cushioning with HR Comfort Foam

The Springfit High Resilient Comfort Foam, infused with the cutting-edge Aero Sleep technology, offers more than just support; it offers a cloud-like haven. This meticulously crafted layer ensures an abundance of airflow and delivers supreme comfort to your body contours. The softer composition of HR Comfort Foam is your passport to a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating rest.

Transitional Excellence with High Resilient Support Foam

Understanding the need for the perfect balance, the Springfit High Resilient Support Foam serves as the masterful intermediate layer. This prodigious foam, also harnessing the Aero Sleep technology, combines a high density with an exceptional airflow. Seamlessly bridging the plush top layers with the firm mattress base, it ensures that your body is cradled in ultimate luxury without compromising on support.

Breakthrough ReActive Foam Technology

Experience the innovation of our Reactive Foam. Born from a revolutionary stress-repairing conception, this foam reincarnates high-grade shredded foam fragments into a monolithic layer. The result is a dense, firm base that stands sentinel to your sleep, offering unparalleled support to your spine and an optimized distribution of body weight. Relish the harmony of support and comfort that adapts to you.

Choose Your Perfect Fit

The Springfit Reactive Ortho Mattress is tailored to your preferences. Choose from a versatile range of sizes:

  • Compact Luxury: 12.70cm/5 inches
  • Deluxe Comfort: 15.24cm/6 inches
  • Ultimate Indulgence: 20.32cm/8 inches

Elevate your sleeping experience to unparalleled heights with the Springfit Reactive Ortho Mattress. The pinnacle of innovation and luxury awaits you.

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