Tile Dining Chairs

A Dining Chair for All Occasions

Whether it’s a cozy family dinner, a brunch with friends, or a festive gathering, this Tile Dining  Chairs are versatile enough to suit any occasion. Its unique design and the warmth of Sheesham wood make it a perfect addition to any dining room.

Chair Dimensions and Comfort

Overall Size: 17 inches (L) x 17 inches (B) x 40 inches (H) Seat Height: 18 inches – Perfect for a comfortable dining experience.

Each chair is a masterpiece in itself, mirroring the tile design of the table. The chairs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also designed for comfort. Their dimensions ensure that you can enjoy your meals in comfort, without feeling cramped or too spread out.

Material Quality

The Sheesham wood’s natural patterns complement the tile design, adding an organic touch to the overall look.