Wipro Brand Multipurpose Chair-TANGO


Wipro Tango Multipurpose Chair – A Fusion of Durability and Style
Delve into the vibrant world of ergonomic seating with Tango, a multipurpose chair crafted by Wipro Furniture. A fine blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality, Tango mirrors the rapidly evolving face of modern office culture.

Stunning Contemporary Design
Tango boasts a stunningly clean and contoured profile, resonating with the spirit of contemporary designs. The clever mix of straight lines and harmonious curves carves a playful yet professional style. This chair measures a comfortable width of 457 mm at the back and a standard height of 813 mm, offering an inviting, and comfortable seating space.

Superior Build Quality
Despite its sleek design, Tango carries an extraordinary strength in its structure. Its body is constructed from high-density polypropylene, famed for its resilience to rough handling and scratches. This strength is complemented by the sleek metallic legs, providing robust stability and a unique aesthetic appeal to the chair.

Space Efficient and Stackable
Tango takes the efficiency of stackable chairs to a whole new level. With a specially designed trolley system, this chair allows up to 25 units to be stacked and transported through a standard doorway. Ease of handling and stacking ensures a hassle-free user experience, making Tango a perfect choice for dynamic spaces.

Reliable and Covered by Warranty
Offering you peace of mind, Tango comes with a 5-year warranty, reaffirming the commitment of Wipro Furniture to deliver quality and reliability in every product. The durability of Tango stands testimony to this promise.
Whether you’re seeking a chair for your office, home, or event, the Wipro Tango Multipurpose Chair offers the perfect blend of style, durability, and convenience. It’s not just a chair, it’s a statement of sophistication.
Where to buy? 
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