Wipro Brand Seating Systems Adapt Office Chairs


Wipro “Adapt” Office Chairs

Adapt is a premium chair with innovative technology and contemporary looks. An automatic tension adjustment control adapts according to the user’s weight ensuring the body is perfectly balanced and supported.

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Key Features

  • This ergonomically designed chair features Automatic Tension Adjustment Control which adapts according to your weight ensuring that your body is perfectly balanced and supported.
  • The Adjustable seat Height, Headrest (Applicable only to High Back Chair), Armrest, and Cushioned Lumber Support add to the seating comfort of this chair.
  • Height adjustable PU Padded Arm rest to ensure ergonomic body posture & comfort.
  • Height adjustable Lumbar Pad with PU cushion for Lower Back support & healthy posture.
  • 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.