Wipro Brand Symphony Pushback Chairs


Wipro Brand Symphony Pushback Chairs: Comfort in Every Seat
Discover Wipro’s Symphony Pushback Chairs, designed to immerse you in supreme comfort as you unwind in its spacious seats. It is the perfect addition to any auditorium, offering various features enhancing the user experience, promising both comfort and class.

Exceptional Comfort
The Symphony Pushback Chairs are engineered with the luimaticā„¢ slider mechanism, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Whether you’re watching a performance or attending a seminar, your comfort is always prioritized.

Easy Maintenance
The Polypropylene back and seat pan make the maintenance of these chairs a breeze. The material’s durability and ease of cleaning ensure that your seats will remain in pristine condition, even with heavy use.

Discreet Accessory Storage
Innovatively designed with a “U” wing pocket, the Symphony Pushback Chairs provide a discreet solution for housing your accessories. Keep your necessities within reach, without disrupting the chair’s sleek design.

Extra Stability
To ensure utmost safety and stability, each Symphony Pushback Chair is secured with a 4-bolt flange. This robust design assures that the chair remains sturdy and secure, regardless of the dynamic movements in an auditorium environment.

Ergonomic and Anthropometric Design
Symphony Pushback Chairs come with an effective seat depth and seat cushions dimensions, designed in line with Anthropometric data and ergonomically profiled contours. This ensures that every user experiences a comfortable fit, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue during prolonged periods of sitting.

Innovative Features
The chairs come with an aisle side lamp provision, designed with Polypropylene housing and a 12mm watt lamp. This feature provides optimal lighting for seats along the aisles, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring safety in a dimly lit environment.

Organized Seating
Symphony Pushback Chairs offer clear row and seat numbering. The row numbers are displayed on 2mm aluminum cutouts while the seat numbers are shown on 2mm aluminum oval strips. This thoughtful feature allows for efficient seat locating and organization.

In summary, the Wipro Brand Symphony Pushback Chairs combine comfort, convenience, and stability, promising an unmatched auditorium seating experience. It’s not just about taking a seat; it’s about indulging in the Symphony experience.