Wipro Toffee Multipurpose Chairs


Wipro Brand Toffee Chairs: Your Comfort Companion
Introducing the Toffee Chair, Wipro’s latest venture into robust and stylish seating solutions. This chair is not just a place to sit – it’s a creative statement, a color-infused delight, and a sturdy partner for multi-purpose use.

Unique Design Aesthetic
The Toffee Chair is endowed with a unique lattice back design, where style meets comfort. The back’s captivating structure, combined with a vivid array of color options, contributes to a light and cheerful ambiance. Whether it’s for your office, home study, or outdoor patio, the Toffee Chair promises to bring a bright and playful touch to your space.

Unparalleled Structural Integrity
The entire seat and back are crafted from a single mold. Utilizing Glass-filled Polypropylene compound, the chair is specifically designed to withstand high impact load conditions. This durability assures that the Toffee Chair will retain its shape and comfort, regardless of how frequently it’s used.

Ergonomic Measurements
Designed with the human body in mind, the Toffee Chair features a backrest with a height of 420mm and a width of 390mm, providing excellent support to your lower back. The seat measures at 460mm in height and 440mm in depth, offering ample space for a comfortable seating experience.

Overall Proportions
With an overall height of 850mm, the Toffee Chair is suitably sized for a wide range of activities. Whether you’re enjoying a meal, engaged in a long study session, or catching up on your favorite book, the chair’s dimensions promise an optimal and cozy experience.

Understructure Durability
The understructure of the Toffee Chair is constructed from a single mould, employing high-performance plastic. This design ensures enhanced strength and stability, reinforcing the chair’s durability and capacity to withstand substantial weight.

In summary, the Wipro Brand Toffee Chair is more than just a seating arrangement – it’s a blend of style, comfort, and resilience. Whether indoors or outdoors, this vibrant, versatile piece of furniture will serve as a delightful and dependable addition to your space.