Wooden Storage Bed Side Table ET27


Size : 425 x 500 x 500 ht MM.

Meet Your New Nighttime Companion: The ET27 Wooden Storage End Table

Hey, ever thought your bedtime could be even better? You’re not alone. We’ve got something that’ll jazz up that sacred space next to your bed—say hello to our Wooden Storage Bed Side Table, model ET27. This little gem is more than just a table; it’s a style statement that’s as functional as it is fabulous.

Built To Last, Designed To Impress

We’re talking solid beech wood and commercial plywood, finished off with veneer on both sides. This baby is built like a tank but feels like a luxury sedan. Pick from three killer finishes: Ebony Stain, Teak, or Walnut. Each one’s got its own vibe, so you can choose what’s more “you.”

Size and Weight: Just Right

The dimensions are 425 x 500 x 500 ht MM, with a weight of 14.15 KG. Translation? It’s compact enough to fit into cozy corners but hefty enough to stay put. You won’t have to worry about knocking this over when you reach for the snooze button.

Drawers Galore: Where Function Meets Form

Okay, so what sets this table apart? Three—count ’em, THREE—drawers. That’s a lot of space to stash your stuff, from late-night reads to those essential charging cables. No more fumbling around for your phone or glasses. Just open a drawer and grab what you need. Easy peasy!

Hassle-Free Delivery: No Sweat Assembly

The best part? It comes assembled. Yep, you read that right. You won’t have to mess around with screws, nuts, or bolts. Just unpack, place, and you’re good to go!

So, ready to level up your bedside game? With our ET27 Wooden Storage End Table, your bedroom won’t just be a place to crash—it’ll be a place to thrive. Get yours now, and make every night a good night.