Dining Cabinet PKDC-001


An Elegant Solution for Modern Dining

Introducing the DINING CABINET PKDC 001, a sleek addition to any contemporary dining area. Designed to combine form and function, this cabinet is the perfect blend of modern style and practical utility.

Materials and Finish: A Symphony of Quality

Built with melamine-faced particle board and accented with elegant glass shutters, the PKDC 001 offers both durability and visual appeal. The smooth melamine finish adds a sophisticated touch that complements a wide range of interior decors.

Ample Storage: For All Your Dining Essentials

With the primary purpose of storing crockeries, this compact yet spacious cabinet ensures that everything has its place. Designed with your dining needs in mind, it comes with six drawers and shutters to house everything from fine china to everyday utensils. The thoughtful design makes it a space-saving gem that offers additional storage without compromising on aesthetics.

Style: Modernity Meets Function

Sporting a contemporary style that resonates with modern sensibilities, the PKDC 001 effortlessly enhances your dining area’s ambiance. The clean lines and subtle sophistication make it a versatile piece that stands out without overpowering your space.

Dimensions: Perfectly Proportioned

Measuring 2050 mm in width, 400 mm in depth, and 1780 mm in height, this dining cabinet is thoughtfully sized to fit comfortably within your dining area. Its proportions are designed to maximize storage without taking up unnecessary room.

A Must-Have for Your Dining Room

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast with a vast collection of crockeries or simply someone who appreciates a well-organized dining area, the DINING CABINET PKDC 001 is the perfect choice. Its stylish design, quality materials, and well-considered storage features make it an essential addition to any modern home. Experience the blend of elegance and convenience; make this cabinet part of your dining space today!