Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 30997-230346


Hey there! If you’ve got an eye for elegance and a taste for fine dining, our Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 30997-230346 is about to tick all your boxes. Designed for those who don’t do things by halves, this set brings together the best of multiple worlds: quality, design, and functionality.

Craftsmanship You Can’t Ignore

First things first, let’s talk about that dazzling ceramic marble top. With dimensions of 51 inches in length and 31 inches in breadth, it gives you plenty of room to host a grand dinner or just spread out all the Sunday papers. But it’s not just about the size; it’s about the style. The ceramic top is robust and easy to clean, making it both a practical and posh choice.

Curves in All the Right Places

You know how sometimes it’s the subtle details that really make something stand out? Well, the curved edges on this table offer just the right amount of flair. They give the table that soft, approachable look, making it a stylish yet friendly centerpiece in any dining room.

Sit in Comfort, Dine in Style

The chairs that come with this set are nothing short of exquisite. With dimensions of 17×16 inches and a height of 35 inches, these chairs promise both comfort and style. The seat height of 18 inches is optimal for a relaxed dining experience. But let’s get to the cherry on top: the upholstery is suede. Yes, you read that right. Suede. It’s plush, it’s luxurious, and it feels as good as it looks.

Legs That Don’t Quit

Metal legs offer the kind of durability that wooden legs just can’t compete with. Plus, they add a modern touch to the overall aesthetic. These legs ensure that both the table and chairs are stable, because let’s face it, nobody wants a wobbly dining experience.


So there you have it—a dining set that’s got it all. From the luxurious ceramic marble top and the stylish curved edges to the comfortable suede-upholstered chairs and sturdy metal legs, the Marble Top Dining Set FDT – 30997-230346 is a full package. Trust us, your dining room will thank you.