Sleek Dresser With One Drawer HPDR 1001


Dimensions (In Mm):H 1800 x W 500 x D 400

Elevate your bedroom’s style quotient with the HPDR 1001 Sleek Dresser, a masterpiece that embodies sophistication and practicality in one beautiful package. Designed with a minimalist approach and crafted in India, it promises to blend effortlessly with any modern living space.

Assembly Freedom: Choose between Carpenter Assembly or Fixed Assembly. Whatever your preference, the HPDR 1001 provides the flexibility you need for seamless integration into your home.

Striking Colors & Finish: With color options like Elam Wood, Bemberg, and River Oak, this dresser allows you to match or contrast with your existing décor. The Melamine finish accentuates the colors, giving a smooth, glossy touch that delights the eyes.

Quality Matters: Made from top-notch Engineered Wood, this dresser stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship. It’s not just about looks; it’s about a commitment to lasting elegance.

Warranty Assurance: With a 2-year warranty*, your investment in the HPDR 1001 is safeguarded. We are confident in our product, and we want you to be too.

Perfect Dimensions: Sized at H 1800 x W 500 x D 400 (In mm), this sleek dresser has been designed to fit comfortably into your bedroom space. Its dimensions make it a practical choice for rooms of all sizes.

Drawer Convenience: A dresser should be more than just beautiful; it should be functional. The HPDR 1001 comes with one handy drawer, a simple yet effective solution for all your storage needs.

Designed for Your Bedroom: This isn’t just any dressing table; it’s a piece created specifically for the bedroom. It understands your needs, your routines, and your desire for elegance.

The HPDR 1001 Experience: Are you seeking a modern touch, a space of your own, and a design that speaks to you? The HPDR 1001 Sleek Dresser is all this and more. It’s where style meets functionality, where quality meets design, and where your home meets perfection.

Don’t just dress up; make it an experience with the HPDR 1001. Order now and bring home the elegance, the style, and the convenience that only this unique dresser can offer.