Timbered Bed Side Table ET-19


Size: 480 x 400 x 460 ht MM

Say Hello to Your New Night-Time Buddy: Timbered Bed Side Table ET-19

Hey folks, let’s get real. What’s that one thing you reach out to right before you doze off or as soon as you wake up? Your bedside table, of course! So shouldn’t it be something that’s as stylish as it is functional? Enter our Timbered Bed Side Table ET-19. Trust us, it’s the nighttime companion you’ve been waiting for.

Rock Solid: It’s All About Material

This isn’t some flimsy, assemble-it-yourself kinda table. Nope, this bedside beauty is built with Solid Beech Wood and Commercial PLY. And yep, both sides are rocking that veneer finish. Sturdy? You bet. Classy? Absolutely.

Get That Perfect Look: Finish Options

Are you all about that moody, darker aesthetic? Go with the Ebony Stain. If you’re into more traditional vibes, Teak and Walnut finishes are available too. Whichever you choose, it’s gonna look killer next to your bed.

Keep Your Secrets: One-Drawer Wonder

Ah, the little drawer. The keeper of midnight snacks, that book you swear you’re going to finish, or, you know, your phone charger. This table comes with one, and it’s just the right size. No more digging around for that elusive lip balm at 2 AM.

Perfect Fit: The Ideal Size

Measuring in at 480 x 400 x 460 ht MM, this bedside table is like that Goldilocks of furniture—just the right size. Whether you’ve got a sprawling king-size bed or a cozy little twin, this table fits right in.

No Heavy Lifting: Assembled & Ready

Oh, did we mention it comes fully assembled? That’s right. No fussing with screws or sweating over instruction manuals. This baby arrives ready to become part of your bedroom ensemble.

Easy on the Scale: Weight Details

Coming in at 16.15 KG, this table isn’t going to disappear into a black hole. It’s got just enough weight to stay put but is light enough to move around when you’re rearranging the room for the umpteenth time.

So there you have it. The Timbered Bed Side Table ET-19 is more than just a place to drop your phone and glasses at night. It’s a little piece of art that’s practical and easy on the eyes. Time to make room for your new bedside buddy!