4 Seater Beechwood Dining Set DT04


Elevate Your Dining Experience: The 4 Seater Beechwood Dining Set DT04

You’re into hosting, aren’t you? Even if it’s just cozy dinners with family, you know a good dining set is a game-changer. Let me introduce you to our 4 Seater Beechwood Dining Set DT04—a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for all your mealtime gatherings. The table’s crafted from solid beech wood and commercial plywood, adorned with both-side veneer. So, it’s durable but still manages to look elegant. The chairs? Also solid beech wood, reinforced with commercial plywood and a cushion of 32 Density U-FOAM for an extra layer of comfort.

Customizable Finishes for a Personal Touch

What’s your home’s vibe? Modern minimalist? Classic? No worries; this dining set comes in a variety of finishes to suit your style. Choose from Walnut Stain, Teak, or Ebony finish to make it your own. It’s like having a bespoke piece of furniture without the bespoke price tag. The rich tones of these finishes elevate the set from just furniture to a piece of art that complements your dining space.

Hassle-Free Delivery and Set-Up

Don’t stress about the setup. The dining table comes in a knockdown condition, meaning it’s super easy to assemble right where you want it. As for the chairs, they’re already pre-assembled, so just place them where they look best and you’re good to go. The whole package includes one dining table and four cushioned chairs, weighing in at a solid but manageable 50.35 KG. It’s the kind of investment that not only adds beauty to your home but also brings people together around the table. What more could you ask for?