Genuine Leather Single Recliner REC-37


Our REC 37 Single Recliner is designed for ultimate comfort and elegance, combining the perfect blend of style and functionality. Expertly crafted to adapt to your living space, this recliner is your ultimate partner for relaxation and leisure.

Authentic Leather Upholstery: The REC 37 is skilfully upholstered with genuine leather, providing a sumptuous, tactile experience with every use. The durable leather offers an ageless elegance, capable of enduring daily use whilst maintaining its beauty and charm.

Premium Cushioning: For the ultimate comfort, this recliner features 32 density foam cushioning. Experience the sensation of sinking into an all-enveloping seat, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and support that will keep you cozy for hours on end.

Generous Dimensions: With a total width of 41 inches and a seating width of 21 inches, this recliner offers a spacious seat to unwind in. The total height from the floor is 41 inches, with a backrest height of 29 inches from the seat, accommodating users of varying sizes and offering optimal support to the neck and back.

Manual Reclining Mechanism: The REC 37 is equipped with a manual reclining mechanism, offering a seamless transition from an upright to a reclined position. Relax into any position you desire, elevating your leisure time to a whole new level.

Customizable to Your Preference: Personalize your recliner to suit your style. The REC 37 can be customized in fabric, artificial leather, and genuine leather, allowing you to select the material that suits your decor and personal taste. It can also be upgraded to a motorised recliner for an even more effortless reclining experience.

In summary, the REC 37 single recliner is a sophisticated piece of furniture that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Its elegant design, combined with the luxury of genuine leather and high-density foam, provides a seating experience like no other.


Single_Recliner_REC 37