The BS 1091 Bar Stool is an ideal fusion of elegance and industrial aesthetics. The meticulously designed stool promises quality, comfort, and durability, perfect for both commercial bars and home entertainment spaces.

Robust black powder-coated frame

Constructed from high-grade metal, the bar stool boasts a robust black powder-coated frame. This powder-coating technique provides exceptional resistance against scratches, peeling, chipping, and corrosion, making the BS 1091 a durable masterpiece. The black metallic hue adds an air of sophistication and understated charm that effortlessly blends into any décor setting.

Luxurious cushioning

The highlight of the BS 1091, however, is its seat and back-cushion, crafted from premium fabric for your comfort. The luxurious cushioning is upholstered in a rich, dark tone that harmonizes seamlessly with the black metal frame. The well-cushioned backrest offers excellent support, ensuring a comfortable experience, whether you’re enjoying a quick breakfast or lingering over late-night conversations.

Stylish appearance that enhances your space

The sleek profile of the BS 1091 Bar Stool presents a timeless design that goes beyond fleeting trends. Its minimalistic design serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, with a compact frame that fits easily under your counter and a stylish appearance that enhances your space.

In essence, the BS 1091 Bar Stool is more than just seating — it’s a testament to craftsmanship and style, a piece that promises to be a unique addition to your bar, kitchen, or dining space.