Beechwood 4 Seater Dining Set DT 31


Beechwood Dining Delight: DT 31

Made from the Good Stuff: Man, you gotta feel the quality in this! Our DT 31 dining set isn’t messing around. We’ve got the table made of some solid Beech Wood (sounds fancy, right?) combined with Particle PLY. Throw in that laminate, and you’ve got a winning combo. And the chairs? Straight-up Solid Beech Wood combined with MDF PLY. Yep, we’re all about the quality.

Stylin’ and Profilin’: Ebony Stain & White finish? Oh, yeah! We decided to keep it sleek and modern with this one. That dark, rich ebony stain paired with a clean white gives off some major style vibes. Your dining room’s gonna look so fly!

Just the Right Size: This isn’t one of those “where are we gonna fit all these chairs?” kind of sets. With a 4-seater table, it’s perfect for those intimate family dinners or a double date night at home. Not too big, not too small – just right.

Delivery Deets: Alright, here’s the 411 on getting this beauty into your home. The table’s gonna come in a knockdown condition, which means a little assembly (but hey, it’s a fun project!). The chairs? They’re pre-assembled. Just place ’em and you’re ready to dine in style.

What’s in the Box? One uber-cool dining table and four equally rad dining chairs. Yep, that’s a complete set, all for you.

So, if you’re looking for a dining set that’s as unique as your taste in music, DT 31 is where it’s at. Get ready to dine in style!