Ceramic Top Center Table FCT 40983


Meet The Ceramic Showstopper: FCT 40983 Center Table

Stunning Marble Finale
The first thing you’ll notice about this beauty is its ceramic top with a mesmerizing marble finish. It doesn’t just add a dash of elegance to your space, but also boasts a shiny sheen that’s destined to catch the eye. It’s the kind of table that has guests asking, “Where’d you get that?”

Sleek ‘n’ Strong Foundation
Down below? We’ve got steel legs that do more than just support the table. They bring in a contemporary touch, blending perfectly with the marble top, creating a balanced mix of earthy elegance and industrial chic.

Smart Storage Solutions
Now, let’s talk function. Slide open the single drawer, and you’ve got a discreet space for your knick-knacks. Need more room? No problem. The open storage next to the drawer is perfect for your books, magazines, or maybe a sneaky snack stash. Your secret’s safe with the FCT 40983.

Low Maintenance, High Reward
Spill your coffee? No stress. The ceramic top isn’t just about the looks; it’s super easy to clean. A quick wipe and you’re good to go. The shiny top ensures your table remains looking as splendid as day one, with minimal fuss.

Exclusivity Alert
Here’s the cherry on top: This piece is exclusively available at Coimbatore’s one-stop furniture destination – Lakshmi’s Home Style. So, not only do you get a fab table, you also get bragging rights. Cool, right?

So, why wait? Swing by and let the FCT 40983 spruce up your living space!