Ceramic Top Coffee Table 40970


Ceramic Top Coffee Table 40970: The Chill Spot of Your Living Room

Just the Right Size for Cozy Corners:
You ever looked at that space next to your couch and thought, “Man, I need something there?” We gotcha. With a length of 39 inches, a breadth of 19 inches, and standing at a cool 18 inches tall, this table’s just begging to fit right in and be your lounge’s new best friend.

Shiny and Chic – That Glossy Ceramic Goodness:
Forget plain old wooden tops; it’s time for an upgrade! Our Ceramic Top Coffee Table boasts a glossy finish that not only looks super swanky but is also smooth to touch. It’s the kind of table that gets you those “Ooh, where’d you get that?” reactions. Yeah, it’s a showstopper.

Slide ‘n Store with A Twist:
Okay, so you know that feeling when you’re trying to silently grab a snack from the drawer during a movie night and the darn thing squeaks? No drama here. Our table’s got a soft closing, smooth sliding mechanism. Stealth mode: activated. And, of course, that single storage? Perfect for stashing away all those remotes, magazines, and, uh, secret candy stashes.

Only at Lakshmis Home Style – Coimbatore’s Go-to Place:
Alright, here’s the cherry on top. You won’t find this bad boy just anywhere. Nope. Only at Lakshmis Home Style – the place everyone in Coimbatore swears by when it comes to rad furniture finds. Seriously, if you haven’t been there, are you even from around here?

So, whatcha waiting for? Swing by and give your living room that makeover it’s been silently begging for. See ya there!