Dining Table Set RB 110 With Garden Bench


Meet the Dining Dream Team

Hey, check out the Dining Table Set RB 110 paired with the Garden Bench-66 SP. This is where your dining room cozies up to your love for the outdoors. Whether you’re all about family meals, dinner parties, or brunch in style, this set has you covered.

Stand-Out Features

Versatility Meets Style:
The RB 110 table and RB 546 chairs come with a sleek tinted glass top and smooth edges. Plus, add the Garden Bench-66 SP, and you’ve got versatility and style all in one.

Suede Fabric and Solid Wood Combo:
The RB 546 chairs sport a suede fabric upholstery that feels as good as it looks. The solid wood framework offers both beauty and brawn.

One Set, Multiple Settings:
The tinted glass table isn’t just for indoors. You can pair it with the Garden Bench-66 SP for a casual outdoor setting too!

Dimensions That Cater to You

Table Dimensions:

  • Length: 71 inches
  • Breadth: 40 inches
  • Height: 30 inches

Chair Dimensions:

  • Length: 16 inches
  • Breadth: 18 inches
  • Height: 42 inches
  • Seat Height: 19 inches

Garden Bench Dimensions:

  • Length: 63 inches
  • Breadth: 16 inches
  • Height: 19 inches

Solid and Stylish

Let’s talk materials. We’re talking solid wood for robustness and durability. The tinted glass adds that dash of elegance, while its smooth edges keep things safe, especially if you’ve got little ones running around.

Why This Set?

In a nutshell, the Dining Table Set RB 110 with Garden Bench offers a balanced mix of functionality, style, and versatility. It’s adaptable enough for an indoor family meal and just as fitting for an outdoor afternoon hangout. And let’s not forget the durability that comes with the solid wood construction.

So, ready to elevate your dining experience inside and out?