Mahogany Wood Dining Set XYLO 6 Chairs with Cushion


XYLO – mahogany Wood Dining Set

An exquisite addition to your dining area that’s both elegant and functional. Crafted from the finest mahogany wood, this set includes a spacious table and six trendy cushioned chairs for a comfortable and stylish dining experience.

What is the size of the table?
The XYLO Mahogany Wood Dining Table has a dimension of 6 feet in length and 3.5 feet in width, providing ample space for your family and friends to gather around and enjoy a meal.

How many chairs are included in the set?
The Mahogany Wood Dining Set XYLO comes with six trendy chairs, each made of the same high-quality mahogany wood and featuring a comfortable cushion for added support.

Can the finish of the table and chairs be customized?
Absolutely! You can personalize the finish of your dining set according to your taste and preferences. Choose from four available finishes: Mahogany wood, Teak finish, Choco finish, and Walnut finish. Simply select your desired finish during the ordering process.

Enhance your dining experience with the Mahogany Wood Dining Set XYLO, a timeless and stylish investment that promises to enhance your home and create unforgettable memories around the table.