FCT 40994 Marble Top Center Table


Dimensions: Length : 51 inches Breadth : 28 inches Height : 18 inches

The Heart of Your Living Room: FCT 40994 Marble Top Center Table

Hey, so you’re in the market for a new center table, huh? Forget the dull, wooden pieces you’ve seen a hundred times. Check out our FCT 40994 Marble Top Center Table. This baby is everything your living room is missing.

Size Does Matter

First things first, let’s talk dimensions. This table measures a generous 51 inches in length, 28 inches in breadth, and has a height of 18 inches. Perfect for sprawling out all your remotes, coffee table books, and, well, coffee.

The Marble Magic

Ah, the marble finish. Smooth as jazz, this surface brings an elevated look that says, “Yeah, I’ve got style.” But it’s not just for show; the marble top is pretty sturdy and easy to clean. Spill coffee? No big deal. Also, those curved edges are a nice touch, making it kid-friendly and, let’s face it, adult-friendly for those clumsy moments.

Steel Legs: The Unsung Heroes

Now, what’s supporting this glorious tabletop are steel legs. These things are as dependable as they come. No wobbling, no creaking, just solid support. Also, they add an industrial-chic flair to the whole setup.

Four Drawers: Storage That Works for You

Let’s get real, clutter happens. Whether you’ve got a million remotes or your kid’s latest art project, you need a place to store it. That’s where the four drawer-type storage compartments come in. They’re your mini treasure chests, hidden away neatly so you can pretend you’re always this organized.

Why It’s Worth Every Penny

Look, your living room is more than just a room; it’s the center of your home. And what’s at the center of the center? Exactly, this table. From its luxe marble finish to its utilitarian storage, it’s the multi-functional furniture piece you never knew you needed. Plus, the steel legs make sure it’ll be a lasting part of your home’s story.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this table and make your living room the place to be.