Marble Top Center Table CTP-04


Luxurious Marble Top Center Table CTP-04 with Golden Metal Base


Elevate your living space with our Marble Top Center Table CTP-04, an exquisite blend of opulence and minimalism. This piece combines a striking rectangular silhouette with timeless elegance, making it the perfect focal point for your home or office.


The table’s top is made from superior quality marble, providing a sophisticated and unique natural pattern that’s both eye-catching and durable. The table can withstand everyday use while maintaining its lustrous appearance.


Constructed with a golden-colored metal base, the table adds a touch of royalty to any room. The metallic finish perfectly contrasts the marble top, offering an aesthetic balance that’s truly captivating.

Dimensions & Shape

With dimensions of 3×1.5 feet, the table offers ample surface area without overwhelming your space. Its rectangular shape provides a modern look, perfect for a variety of interior design styles.


Whether it’s to showcase your stylish accessories or serve as a functional surface in your living room, our Marble Top Center Table CTP-04 is a versatile addition that’s sure to enhance your decor.

Step into a world of luxury with our Marble Top Center Table CTP-04 – a statement piece that embodies sophistication, durability, and style.