New Burma Teak Wood Cot CSC-001


Introducing the New Burma Teak Wood Cot CSC-001, a fusion of luxury, durability, and ergonomic design that’s sure to elevate your bedroom experience. Crafted meticulously from premium

Burma teak wood, this cot is more than just a bed—it’s an investment in timeless elegance. With a headboard height reaching 46 inches, it commands attention without overpowering your space, effortlessly becoming the focal point of your bedroom.

The leg board isn’t to be outdone, standing at a functional 26 inches, it complements the headboard while adding balance to the overall design. And let’s not forget the floor-to-bed base height of 10 inches—just the right elevation for easy accessibility, optimal under-bed storage, and improved airflow.

Whether you’re looking to catch some Z’s or create an Instagram-worthy bedroom setup, the CSC-001 is your go-to for both form and function.


Head board height – 46″
Leg board height – 26″
Floor to bedbase height – 10″