Wooden Bed Side Table ET 37


Meet Your New Nighttime Companion: The Wooden Bed Side Table ET 37

Craftsmanship That Speaks

Hey there, let me introduce you to something you’re gonna absolutely love—the Wooden Bed Side Table ET 37. Now, you might be thinking, “It’s just a table, what’s the big deal?” Well, hold your horses. This isn’t just any bedside table; this is a mix of luxury, functionality, and style. It’s crafted from solid beech wood and plywood, layered with veneer on both sides. So, it’s got that durable thing down pat.

A Finish That Shines

I bet you’ve got a keen eye for detail, and let me tell you, this table won’t disappoint. The Walnut Satin finish gives it this warm, inviting glow—making it the perfect night-time companion, whether you’re cozied up with a book or sipping on some late-night tea.

Function Meets Style: The Dual Drawers

You know the drill, we all have our little nighttime essentials. Maybe it’s a book, your phone charger, or perhaps those skincare items you can’t live without. Where do you stash ’em? The ET 37 has got you covered with its two-drawer design. Ample space, smooth pull, and oh-so stylish.

Compact But Mighty

Let’s talk dimensions. With a size of 460 x 400 x 450 MM, this table fits snugly by your bedside without hogging all the room. But don’t let its compact size fool you; this table weighs in at a sturdy 19.15 KG. That’s more than enough to handle your must-have items, and then some!

All Set, No Sweat!

Ah, the age-old debate: To assemble or not to assemble? Well, put your screwdrivers away. The ET 37 comes fully assembled, so it’s pretty much a plug-and-play kinda deal. And with that weight, you know it’s not going anywhere, easily holding its ground (literally).

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a bedside table that’s not just a table but a statement piece, the Wooden Bed Side Table ET 37 is where your search ends. High-quality materials, a stunning finish, functional features, and the bonus of no-assembly-required—what’s not to love?

So, ready to make your nights just a bit more convenient and stylish? This table’s waiting for ya!