Workstation Cushion Chair 802


Meet Your New Best Friend: Workstation Cushion Chair 802

Every Day is a Good Day

You know that feeling when you settle into a chair and instantly know it’s gonna be a good workday? That’s exactly what you get with our Workstation Cushion Chair 802. Designed for modern offices, co-working spaces, and the work-from-home pros among us, this chair is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

A Backrest to Lean On

Say goodbye to awkward back pains and that restless feeling we all get after hours at a desk. The chair comes with a PP shell backrest that’s tastefully upholstered with PU moulded material and fabric. So go ahead, lean back and let your ideas flow.

Armrests That Get You

Static, hard armrests are so yesterday. The 802 comes with PP fixed armrests designed for comfort, giving your arms the much-needed support they deserve as you fire off emails or crack the code on that tough project.

Sit Like a King or Queen

Nobody likes a saggy seat, right? The Workstation Cushion Chair 802 comes with a PU moulded and hot compressed plywood seat that’s also upholstered with fabric. Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet or binge-watching a webinar, your seat in the kingdom of productivity will always be comfy.

Customize Your Comfort

Let’s face it, we’re all different, and one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it anymore. This chair features an MS pushback mechanism with single locking and tension adjustment. You’re in the driver’s seat, controlling how much you lean back and how tight or loose the tension is.

Built to Last

Durability is the name of the game here. With a Class 4, 120 mm pneumatic cylinder, you can trust that this chair will stick around for the long haul. The PP 330 mm base adds an extra layer of stability, ensuring you’re grounded in all your endeavors.

Smooth Moves

Don’t you just love it when you can effortlessly slide over to grab that document or reach for your cup of coffee? Thanks to the nylon 50 mm twin-wheel castors, moving around is smooth and practically soundless.

Light But Mighty

Despite packing in all these features, the chair doesn’t weigh you down. With a gross weight of 14.3 kg and a net weight of 12.5 kg, it’s easy to move and reposition whenever you need a change of scenery.

So there you have it. The Workstation Cushion Chair 802 is more than just a chair—it’s a haven of comfort and utility, waiting to make every day at work (or home) a whole lot better.