Zapper Chairs By Wipro


Zapper Office and Work From Home Chairs By Wipro Seatings

Experience comfort and reliability with the Zapper task chair, designed for extended sitting sessions. Its elegant back and arm design complements any workspace, while the robust lumbar support promotes proper posture and ensures a healthy lower back curve.

What is the Wipro Zapper model office and work from home chair?

The Wipro Zapper model office and work from home chair is a comfortable, affordable, and reliable task chair designed to handle long hours of serious sitting. It features a well-designed back and arms, adding sophistication to any workplace.
What are the dimensions of the Wipro Zapper chair?
The chair has a height of 680mm and a width of 550mm, while the seat has a height range of 455-555mm and a width of 500mm.
How does the Wipro Zapper chair support the user’s back?
The Wipro Zapper chair provides excellent upper back support with its wide and reinforced back frame design. It also has a strong, flexible lumbar back support that fills in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.
What is the Single Point Synchro Tilt Mechanism (S-1)?
The Single Point Synchro Tilt Mechanism (S-1) is a feature that allows the user to recline and lock the chair in an upright position. It also includes a tilt tension knob for adjusting the recline.
Are the armrests of the Wipro Zapper chair adjustable?
Yes, the Wipro Zapper chair has height-adjustable PU padded armrests to ensure ergonomic body posture and comfort.
Is there a lumbar pad on the Wipro Zapper chair?
Yes. Zapper chair features a height-adjustable spring-loaded lumbar pad that provides additional lower back support for enhanced comfort during long hours of sitting.