Workstation Netted Chair 803


The Ultimate Seat of Power: Workstation Netted Chair 803

Introducing Your New Work Buddy

Welcome to your future happy place—seriously. Say hello to the Workstation Netted Chair 803, where comfort and productivity shake hands and become fast friends. Think of this chair as your trusty sidekick on those long workdays, offering steadfast support, flexibility, and style to boot.

Let’s Talk Back Support

We’re diving straight into the good stuff. The backrest is PP ergonomically designed and sports a layer of mesh fabric. Not only does it look stylish, but it’s also kind to your back. It cradles your spine like a protective parent, ensuring you’re in the optimal position to slay that to-do list.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

You know that annoying back pain you get from hours of sitting? Forget about it. With PP adjustable lumbar support, your lower back is covered. It’s like having a personalized cushion that knows just how to comfort your unique posture.

Fixed Yet Flexible Armrests

The armrests are made from PP and are fixed, but don’t let the word “fixed” fool you. These armrests provide the ideal perch for your elbows as you navigate through spreadsheets or sketch out your next masterpiece.

Comfort Meets Durability in the Seat

Sink into a seat made from PU molded foam and hot compressed plywood, upholstered in high-quality fabric. This seat has longevity written all over it, while still offering the kind of comfort that makes you forget you’re sitting on a chair and not floating on air.

The Magic of the Mechanism

Wondering how to adjust your sitting position? The MS Pushback mechanism with single locking and tension adjustment has got you covered. Just a little tweak here and there, and you can find your perfect angle.

Built to Last: The Base and Castor

Rocking a PP 330 MM base and nylon 50MM twin-wheel castors, this chair is all about stability and ease of movement. Slide around your workstation like you’re on wheels—because, well, you are!

Weight Specs: Just So You Know

We’re not playing around when it comes to quality. This chair comes in at a gross weight of 13.1 KG and a net weight of 11.3 KG. But don’t worry, all this weight is in all the right places to ensure you have a sturdy and reliable chair to back you up—literally.

So there you have it. The Workstation Netted Chair 803 is more than just a chair; it’s a commitment to better workdays and happier backs. Hit ‘Add to Cart’, and make the smartest workday investment you’ll ever make.