Bakhra Kadasal Wardrobe


Say Hello to Your New Room Favorite: The Bakhra Kadasal Wardrobe

Compact Design, Massive Impact Dreaming of a wardrobe that fits just right and looks even better? Enter the Bakhra Kadasal Wardrobe. Its cozy dimensions – 35 inches long, 15 inches wide, and a towering 69 inches high – make it a perfect fit for any room, big or small. It’s not just a storage solution; it’s a room transformer.

Sheesham Wood: Strength Meets Beauty Crafted from the ever-gorgeous Sheesham wood, this wardrobe doesn’t just stand; it makes a statement. Known for its durability and fine grain, Sheesham wood brings a touch of nature’s best to your bedroom. It’s a piece that not only holds your clothes but also holds attention.

Bakhra Design: Where Tradition Meets Modern The Bakhra design is the heart and soul of this wardrobe. It’s a nod to traditional craftsmanship blended seamlessly with a modern aesthetic. This unique pattern isn’t just pleasing to the eyes; it’s a conversation starter.

Double the Storage, Double the Fun Need more space for your knick-knacks? Those two drawers at the bottom are your new best friends. Perfect for storing everything from socks to scarves, these drawers add an extra layer of functionality to your wardrobe, making organization a breeze.