Ceramic Flower Vase 596-56-12-1552


Introducing the Elegant Ceramic Flower Vase: 596-56-12-1552

Material: High-Quality Ceramic

This flower vase is made from premium ceramic, ensuring long-lasting durability and an elegant appearance. The high-quality material is perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers and will effortlessly complement any room’s décor.

Dimensions: Perfectly Sized for Your Home or an Office

Height: 10 inches
The 10-inch height of the vase allows it to accommodate a variety of flower arrangements, from long-stemmed roses to delicate tulips. This versatile size makes it suitable for any space, be it a dining table centerpiece or a side table accent.

Width: 4 inches
The 4-inch width offers ample space for your floral arrangements without overpowering your room’s design. Its slender profile ensures that it won’t take up too much space, making it ideal for small apartments or busy countertops.

Depth: 4 inches
The 4-inch depth of this vase provides stability for your arrangements, allowing you to create bountiful displays without fear of the vase toppling over. Its balanced proportions ensure that it remains steady, even when holding a variety of flowers.

Design: Sophisticated and Timeless

The Flower Vase: 596-56-12-1552 features a refined design that is both modern and timeless. Its smooth ceramic surface and sleek lines create an air of sophistication, making it a tasteful addition to any home or office. This versatile vase is perfect for both minimalist and ornate settings and will effortlessly enhance your existing décor.