Director Chair 3286 HB


The Director’s Choice: Meet the Director Chair 3286 HB

Built for Comfort, Designed for Power

First things first, let’s talk comfort. The Director Chair 3286 HB brings luxury to the workday with a back frame structure made of top-notch aluminum. You’ll be seated on plush microfiber upholstery that pairs oh-so-well with molded fluffy cushions. Feel like the director you are, without compromising on relaxation or style.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics: Flip Flop Armrests

Who says office chairs have to be dull? The Director Chair 3286 HB comes with flip-flop armrests fitted with PU pads, which not only look great but feel great, too. What’s more, the flip-flop design allows for wide seating, so you can sprawl out or pull in an extra notebook when the inspiration strikes.

Control Your Comfort: 4-Stage Locking Tilt Mechanism

Got a busy day of back-to-back meetings? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a laid-back brainstorming session? Whatever your day holds, the 4-stage locking tilt mechanism has got you covered. Adjust your seating angle with ease for optimal comfort all day long.

Solid Foundation: Class 2 Hydraulic and Chrome Base

We’re not messing around when it comes to stability. This chair comes with a Class 2, 100 MM hydraulic system and a robust 330 mm chrome base. So, sit back and take command; this chair can handle it.

Smooth Moves: Superior Nylon Castor

Glide around your workspace like never before with the 50 mm twin superior nylon castors. Whether you’re reaching for a file or spinning in celebration, these castors ensure smooth and easy movement.

Warranty and Color Choices

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? The Director Chair 3286 HB comes with a 1-year warranty. And let’s not forget the cherry on top: you can choose between suave brown or sleek black to match your office vibe.

Summing It Up

In a nutshell, the Director Chair 3286 HB is more than just a place to sit; it’s a seat of power, comfort, and style. Its functional features, sturdy build, and luxurious materials make it the go-to choice for anyone looking to blend functionality with aesthetics. Elevate your workspace and workday with this incredible chair.