Wipro Brand Aerosit Model Office Chairs


Introducing Aerosit Model Chairs by Wipro – A New Dynamics to Contemporary Office Seating.

Experience a new level of comfort and style with Aerosit Model Chairs by Wipro, designed to enhance your productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. With a unique patented AerofloTM dual-layer seat, these chairs distribute weight evenly and reduce heat build-up in the body, ensuring a comfortable sitting experience all day long.

Height-Adjustable Back for Maximum Support
The Aerosit Model Chairs feature a height-adjustable back with a height of HB-546 mm and MB-435 mm, providing maximum support to your back and shoulders. The back width of 485mm ensures that your body is well-supported and comfortable.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Seat Design
The seat of these chairs is designed to provide maximum comfort and support to your body. With a height of 430-542mm and a width of 515mm, it accommodates different body types and sizes. You can also choose between a seat with or without a cushion, depending on your preference.

Optional Retractable 2D Armrests
The Aerosit Model Chairs come with optional retractable 2D armrests, enabling you to work with a stress-free upper back and elbow. The adjustable armrests provide customized support to your arms and shoulders, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Synchronous Mechanism for Enhanced Seating Comfort
The synchronous mechanism of these chairs enhances seating comfort with the relative motion of the seat and back as you sit. This feature ensures that your body is always in a comfortable and ergonomic position, reducing the risk of strain and fatigue.

High-Performance Fabric with a Choice of Colors
The Aerosit Model Chairs come in a high-performance fabric with a choice of colors, including Steel Grey Cinnamon Brown, Rich Red, Cool Blue, Jet Black, and Olive Green. The Breathe Easy Soft Touch fabric (B.E.S.T) used in these chairs provides superior sitting comfort and durability.

International Styling with Patented Seat Design
The Aerosit Model Chairs feature an international styling with a patented seat design, making them a perfect fit for modern workplaces. You can also choose between a nylon or aluminum base, depending on your preference.

A Family of High Back, Mid Back, and Visitor Chairs
The Aerosit Model Chairs come in a family of high back, mid back, and visitor chairs, providing customized seating options for your workplace. Whether you need a chair for your office or conference room, Aerosit has got you covered.

Experience the Comfort and Style of Aerosit Model Chairs by Wipro
Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality with Aerosit Model Chairs by Wipro. With a unique patented seat design, high-performance fabric, and ergonomic features, these chairs are a perfect fit for modern workplaces. Choose the Aerosit Model Chair that suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable and productive workday.



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