Folding Dining Table Set with Chairs


Introducing the Space-Saving Elegance: Folding Dining Table Set with 4 Folding Chairs

Bask in the amalgamation of style, functionality, and convenience with our innovatively designed Ratna Folding Dining Table Set accompanied by 4 matching folding chairs. Crafted meticulously with materials of utmost quality, this ensemble speaks volumes of class and durability.

Materials Used: Built to Last

This dining set is a perfect blend of art and precision. The table is a robust construct of Solid Beech Wood, Plywood with Both Side Veneer, and Particle PLY with Both Side Laminate. The chairs, maintaining the durability quotient, are fashioned out of Solid Beech Wood.

Finish: A Class Apart

Bathed in an alluring Ebony Stain finish, this dining table set provides a contemporary and sleek touch to any dining space. The sophisticated dark stain enhances the natural grain of the wood, adding a touch of rustic charm to its modern design.

Features: Fold, Unfold, Impress

The dining set is designed to perfectly adapt to your lifestyle and space. The folding feature of the table and chairs allows you to easily stow them away when not in use, freeing up space and maintaining the uncluttered aesthetics of your dining area.

Size: Designed to Fit

The dining table, measuring 1385 x 900 x 750ht MM, comfortably accommodates up to four diners. The chairs, each sized at 470 x 470 x 715 ht MM, with a seat height of 455 MM, provide ample seating space and comfort. Despite their compact folded state, they do not compromise on the seating experience.

Weight and Delivery: Hassle-Free Installation

The total weight of this ensemble is 50.2 KG. Delivered to your doorstep in an assembled state, this dining set saves you the hassle of putting together the pieces. All you need to do is unfold and start enjoying your meals!

Quantity: Perfect Set

Each unit of purchase includes one folding dining table and four folding chairs. Our Folding Dining Table Set makes for an excellent addition to your dining room, offering a perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

Unmatched Versatility: Ideal for Home, Cafes, Restaurants, and Office Spaces

Our Ratna Folding Dining Table Set is designed with versatility in mind, making it an ideal choice for a variety of settings. It’s perfect for home dining rooms, where its elegant design and efficient space usage can truly shine.

Its practicality extends to cafes and restaurants, where the folding feature allows for easy reconfiguration of seating arrangements. Office dining areas can also greatly benefit from this set, enabling comfortable dining experiences while maximizing available space. Indeed, wherever there is a need for a stylish, convenient, and space-saving dining solution, this set proves to be an excellent choice.

Incorporate this space-smart and chic dining set into your home, and redefine the way you dine and entertain. This is not just furniture, but a transformative piece of art.


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