Motorised Single Recliner-REC 2YBM


Meet the Motorised Single Recliner-REC 2YBM: The Future of Lounging is Here!

Hey there, chill-seeker! Ready to kick back like a pro? Get in the zone with our Motorised Single Recliner-REC 2YBM. This isn’t your grandma’s armchair. It’s where cutting-edge tech meets good ol’ fashioned comfort.

The Material That Hugs You Back: Jute Fabric

Ever sit down and feel like the chair’s giving you a hug? No? Well, you’re in for a treat! This recliner is draped in jute fabric that’s as warm and inviting as a cozy sweater on a winter morning. It’s both durable and stylish, so you’ll be lounging in style for years to come.

Sit Down, Float Away: 32-Density Foam Cushioning

A chair’s only as good as its cushioning, right? That’s why we packed this beauty with 32-density foam cushioning. Yeah, that’s a lot of numbers and jargon, but all you need to know is that it’s like sitting on a cloud—a really, really supportive cloud. Your back and booty will thank you.

Roomy Yet Cozy: The Perfect Dimensions

Don’t you hate it when a chair is too small for a good sprawl but too big for a cozy curl-up? We’ve hit the Goldilocks zone with this one. Total width? 38 inches. Seating width? A roomy 22 inches. The total height from the floor is a solid 41 inches. It’s the chair that’s just right, every time.

Just Push to Plush: High-Tech Motorised Reclining

Sure, manual recliners are cool—if you’re living in the past! The REC 2YBM comes with a high-tech motorised reclining mechanism. We’re talking about adjusting to your ideal lounging angle with the simple push of a button. Yep, you can go from upright citizen to laid-back lounger in seconds.

Leather? Your Way!

You’re unique, so your chair should be too. Want to upgrade from jute fabric? Go ahead and customize your throne with artificial leather or even genuine leather. It’s all about giving you the luxurious experience you deserve.

It’s All in the Details

We didn’t just stop at the big stuff. The luxurious upholstery, premium cushioning, and state-of-the-art mechanized reclining make this chair more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a statement. It says, “Yeah, I know how to relax, and I do it with flair.”

So, what are you waiting for? Your throne awaits! Upgrade your relaxation game with the Motorised Single Recliner-REC 2YBM. It’s more than a chair; it’s a lifestyle.