Pear Workstation Chair


Chill Out with the Pears Workstation Chair: Comfort Meets Coolness

Backrest Vibes: This isn’t just any chair, buddy. We’re talking about a PP ergonomically designed beauty that’s wrapped up in a stylish mesh fabric. Kick back, and feel that comfy embrace.

Lumber Lovin’: Our PP self-fixed lumber support is like that best friend who’s always got your back – literally! No more fidgeting around trying to find that ‘sweet spot’.

Armrest Action: Solid PP self-fixed armrests to plop those elbows. Whether you’re typing away or just chilling, we got you.

Seat Situation: Here’s the magic – a PU moulded and plywood hot compressed seat, all dressed up in a chic fabric. The kinda seat that screams, “Come, sit, stay awhile!”

Tilt it Right: Our MS center tilting mechanism is more than just a mouthful. It comes with a single locking and tension adjustment feature. Lean back and find your groove.

Lift Off: Thanks to our Class 4, 120mm pneumatic cylinder, adjusting the height is as smooth as your favorite playlist.

Base Basics: With a PP 330mm base, this chair’s got a solid foundation. Just like that awesome playlist you made last week.

Smooth Rolling: Glide around on our nylon 50mm twin-wheel castors. Perfect for those “quick snacks from the fridge” trips.

Packing? No Sweat: Whether you’re a single kit fan or digging the multi-kit, we’ve got you covered.

Certified Cool: Oh, and did we mention? We’re BIFMA certified. Because quality matters.

Weight Deets: Gross weight? 11.2kg. Net weight? A sleek 9.3kg.

Grab a Pears Workstation Chair. Because your backside deserves the best.